Eden’s Pulse

When someone is in need of medical attention, one of the first questions asked is “does he have a pulse?”  The reason that question is so important is that a pulse, no matter how weak, is the evidence that life is still present. At Eden’s Pulse we are well aware that the our food supply is grossly deficient of the vital nutrients necessary to maintain good health.  In fact the USDA has issued a notification to alert the population that our food supply no longer contains even the minimal levels of vitamins and minerals required.

It hasn’t always been that way. In the beginning food was grown in rich fertile soil that was teeming with microbial life to break down the nutrients in the soil to be absorbed by the plants.  The natural rhythm of life that pulsed through our food is so depleted that we have to ask if our food supply has a pulse.  That natural beneficial process has been replaced by modern farming techniques that kill the microbial life by using processed fertilizers.  As the USDA said, there is no or little real nutrition left in our food supply. We believe life is a precious gift, and we should use that gift to be a blessing to as many people as we can for as long as we can. Serving others is rewarding in itself, but serving is difficult or even impossible if our health fails.