Pain Stickers Stories


  1. I have had intense pain in my thumbs for years due to work related issues. Picking up heavy objects has left me with pain and weakness to the point that sometimes I can't use my hands effectively.  I have tried everything you can think of to find relief, short of surgery.  When I was told about the stickers I thought, why not give it a try.  Nothing else has worked.  I put a sticker on one thumb, but not on the other.  To my surprise and relief within several minutes the pain in the thumb with the sticker was greatly reduced.  I have now tried the same experiment 7 or 8 times and it is the same each time.  Dave Oklahoma
  2. When I was 7 years old I fell out of a car and my foot got hung under the seat leaving my body hanging out of the car. The accident left me with constant pain for the past 64 years.  I tried the pain relief sticker and had almost instant relief.  I put one on my hip near the spine before bed and now I can sleep all night without pain.  .  Amazing.   David H Oklahoma
  3. Several weeks ago I developed severe heel pain and was having trouble walking without a limp. My husband had been using the pain stickers for his back and gave me a few to try on my heel.  I noticed some slight relief after 3 days and decided to keep using them to see what would happen.  To my delight after 10 days my pain was nearly eliminated and I am now able to walk without a limp and almost no pain.    Linda H Oklahoma
  4. My knee was hurting pretty badly, so I stuck like 2-3 stickers around it and it quit hurting. A little later the same thing happened to my neck and I put a sticker on where it was hurting and it stopped. Ayden H Oklahoma
  5. I had been having back spasms for several weeks that got so severe that I missed several days of work. The pain in my back made me walk so differently that my knee began to hurt.  I heard about the stickers and decided to try them on my knee.  Within hours I noticed a difference.  It was so noticeable that I tried one on my back.  To my great delight it helped my back also.  Now after several weeks I am moving almost pain free. Thank you.  Kathy S Oklahoma
  6. A friend told me about your stickers and I decided to order some to see if something so simple could actually work. I woke up one morning with a really bad pain running across my neck and shoulders.  Two hours later your stickers arrived and I put one on immediately.  What a surprise.  They worked in less than 30 minutes.  The pain didn't disappear but was 80% to 90% diminished.  Denise S California
  7. NOTHING has helped my back pain becoming pregnant and I don't want to take medication! I am up all night.  I put the stickers on my back and FINALLY had relief!!  I slept all night.  My husband and I were both happy!  Nina Oklahoma
  8. I had been suffering with lower back pain for some time. I decided to try your pain stickers to see if I could get some relief.  I put one directly on the area of pain and in 10/15 minutes it decreased significantly.  Later in the day I was without pain completely.   PG Oklahoma
  9. I just had back surgery and put your pain sticker on near the spot. I noticed a small amount of immediate relief.  Very cool,  Mike T Oklahoma
  10. I had purchased your pain stickers for the pain I was having in my side. I put 2 on and noticed relief pretty quickly.  Dan S Oklahoma
  11. Four years ago I fell and broke my foot in several places. As a result I was in a wheelchair for 3 years then progressed to a walker and finally to a cane.  I am able to walk but with considerable pain.  I wanted you to know that your stickers have really helped my pain level!  Thank you!  I think those are what is REALLY making the difference for me right now. Bob V Missouri
  12. I have a shoulder injury and it is hard to find natural pain relief. I used 2 of the pain stickers on separate pain points and it really helped. I as glued you decided to carry them in your store. Tom Oklahoma
  13. I tested out the patch on two different occasion. Once, I tried it for my regular knee pain. I did use two patches but I had relief and was able to rest.  The second time, I used the patch for menstrual cramps and it was great.  I recommend it!  Summer Oklahoma
  14. I have a hurt shoulder. Surgery helped but it still hurts when the weather acts up. I put 2 patches on my shoulders to take the edge off so I could work.  Works great.  Ashley. Oklahoma
  15. I clean houses for a living and have rheumatoid arthritis in both my hands. They hurt quite a bit even in the evenings after I quit work. My uncle had some of your patches he was using for his back pain so I decided to give them a try.  I put one on the back of each hand and in 30 minutes I noticed that my hands were not hurting at all.  Great product. SW Oklahoma
  16. Over the last several years I have been involved in several automobile accidents that have left me with a considerable amount of pain. Now, whenever I am in pain I apply a patch and the pain goes away most of the time. Even when it doesn't go away completely it usually reduces the pain.  I am grateful that I no longer take any traditional pain medications.  JG. Oklahoma
  17. I have a problem with my knees that has gotten progressively worse over the years. The pain gets pretty severe at times. When I was told by a friend that I should try these new pain stickers, I have to admit that it sounded crazy.  That didn't even seem like it would remotely help.  To be nice I put one on either side of my knee.  Boy was I surprised.  The pain actually diminished significantly in a matter of minutes.  The pain didn't go completely away but it sure  was it better.   MT Oklahoma