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We at Eden's Pulse feel extremely blessed to be able to introduce you to a completely new approach to health and wellness. While we know that no one therapy is a cure all, we are seeing enough positive response to our product that we present Tag-along Patches (TAPs) with complete confidence that you will want to include them as part of your wellness program.

There is a growing body of research that indicates that certain frequencies offer positive encouraging and therapeutic beneficial results when exposed to the body. While we can make no claims, our research findings are providing us with many positive results from our customers.

In order to allow the body to interact with these frequencies and experience the benefits, we have researched a wide variety of delivery mechanisms. We found no better way to accomplish our delivery than patches or stickers that are applied directly to the skin. We call them Tag-along Patches (TAPs) because they can be worn all day even by those with an active lifestyle. They simply tag-along as you go about your busy day, interacting with the body's electrical field. We have found that frequency patches seem to be one of the best available delivery techniques.

We program the patches through our exclusive process that is designed to enhance beneficial responses in the body. The frequencies remain in the patch until it is placed on the body. Once the frequencies in the patch come in contact with the body's energy field, the information stored in the patch is made available to the body. After about a day or two the benefits are processed and a new patch may be needed. Our proprietary enhancement process is quite unique, and once you experience the difference, we are convinced you will become part of our wellness family. 


Clean the area where you want to place the patch on the body, once the patches are applied, normally the body responds positively to the frequencies, expressing therapeutic benefits such as lowering inflammation, encouraging healing, increasing stamina, etc... There are many research projects confirming the body's response to such frequencies. Be patient and give this new technology a fair trial.


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