In this crazy world in which we live, it seems that all of us are struggling with a common problem.  It may, however, not be what you think.  Yes, COVID is wreaking havoc everywhere.  Society is wrestling with the stressful fact that while we are all well intended, we have come to many different conclusions about what we should or should not ingest and what actions we should or should not take.  Family and friends find themselves at odds to the point that relationships are stressed or even damaged. 


The virus brings the obvious health and social issues, but the far bigger and more important problem is that we have been presented options that have divided us.  We all watch the news, study the Internet, and eventually come to a decision about the path we feel is the right one for us. Once our path is chosen, we can then find ourselves grouped or categorized with others who have come to the same conclusion as we have.  The sad thing is that these different paths can, and often do,  become diametrically opposed and can become beliefs that we feel must be defended. 


How can I hold to my beliefs and not fall into the trap of assuming that others who don't agree with me are wrong?  First, we have to assume that others we care about also did their best to make wise and thoughtful decisions as we feel we have.

At this point the jury is still out as to who is right and who is wrong.  Time may well prove that we were all a little right, while all a little wrong.

I have been praying for some time that God would give me an answer that addresses  these different paths and still be a health-friendly solution.  I think He has answered my heart's cry, while respecting the path you may have personally chosen. At the same time, however, I think we can all agree that no matter where we find ourselves, a healthy and strong immune system would be helpful.  You have made your decision and I have made mine about COVID.  But whatever decision we have made, we need to stay as healthy as possible.


No matter whether we have never had COVID, have had COVID, had COVID and taken the vaccine or never had COVID and taken the vaccine,  we all need to optimize our immune response.  A vibrant and healthy immune system remains our best defense whichever path we are on.  It is time to stop defending our path and to begin helping others to be as well as possible.


A famous Jewish doctor in New York, early in the pandemic, was forced to be creative when his community was severely decimated by the virus.  When the drugs he needed were made unavailable, he researched to find another solution.  He discovered that the standard beneficial drugs that were unavailable to him could be replaced by a specific combination of natural supplements.


Without getting too technical, he discovered that zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D3 would greatly diminish the effects of viruses.  The challenge, however, was that zinc is difficult to get into the cell.  However, if you can get zinc into the cell, then viruses have a difficult time surviving.  His 99.9% success rate was and is amazing.  At last report he had no deaths after introducing this approach to his community.  His success was due greatly to the discovery that Quercetin (a natural plant based supplement) will assist in cellular absorption of zinc.  Once zinc is in the cell, any virus has trouble replicating.


So what is his recommendation?  He recommends taking the mixture in advance of exposure, whether you have had COVID or not.  Having the right nutrients in the cell is your best defense.  Since zinc is water soluble, the supplement needs to be taken daily to strengthen the immune system.  His success speaks for itself.  His community has had an amazing resilience against the pandemic.


Another issue for those who have had COVID, myself included, is that for many there are lingering issues with breathing, heart issues and strength.

We have taken Dr. Zelenko's formula and added iodine for metabolism and energy, copper for circulatory health, and moringa for nutrient support.  I don't think you will find a better supplement on the market that will address strengthening the immune system.


The bottle has dosage instructions for three age groups starting at 12 years old and going up to the the most mature among us.  Care should be taken to not ingest toxic levels of zinc, so we formulated the ingredients to maintain beneficial levels without overdoing it.  So now, no matter what choices we have made that have placed us in different categories, it is clear that our immune system needs to be as healthy and robust as possible.  The body is an amazing machine that God has given us to live in.  I want to thank Him for His direction in this formulation and trust that this gift will help many find and enjoy health for many years to come.