Get two Beautiful Prints in this Fine Art Bundle


This beautiful and inspiring print of Mary at the cross was painted by famed Disney artist Bruce Eagle.

The perspective is unique but Mary’s eyes tell the whole story.  Her redeemer is being taken from her in a most tragic and tortured manner.  Her love and compassion lets the viewer know she had been changed by her encounter with the Savior.

(Print size 16.75" X 24")


This majestic lighthouse was painted by famed Disney artist Bruce Eagle.

When life’s uncertainties seem to be crashing in from all sides, it is important that you have a stable place to stand.  The Lighthouse has always said to those caught in the upheavals of life, safety here!  We hope every time you stop and view this inspired work you feel you are standing on that “Rock” that cannot be moved.

(Print size 15.5"" X 24")