Nutra-Meal 180 is formulated as a healthy low calorie, great tasting meal replacement. In our on the go society, being too busy sometimes means eating what is available rather that what is good for us. Fast food is calorie dense and is on every corner. The problem is that many fast food meals are expensive and have over 1000 calories. In our hurry to get from here to there, we turn to fast food because we don’t think we have the time to eat healthy. The unwanted result is too many expensive calories. With over 35% of Americans overweight many of us are experiencing the same problem. The average fast food is $7 to $10.00.

Nutra-Meal 180 is a convenient, quick, healthy and tasty meal replacement that has only 180 calories. Just throw a few packets into your briefcase or purse and you won’t ever be in a panic to find a healthy low calorie meal on the go. If you are travelling and don’t like the airplane food or just having a busy day and can’t get away for lunch, Nutra-Meal 180 is the answer. Nutra-Meal 180 is only $2.95 per meal in single serving packs.

  1. Low calorie : 180 calories
  2. Low cost : $2.25 to $3.00 per serving
  3. Convenient: Bulk or single serving packets
  4. Nutritious: High fiber and protein- low carbs
  5. Variety: 6 flavors