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Skin, Hair and Nails (frequency enhanced) 
Contains 28 Essential Vitamins Minerals and Antioxidants Thicker Healthier Hair Stronger Nails Glowing Skin – with Hair, Skin and Nail Improving Vitamins A, C, D, & E – Fight Free Radicals with Anti Aging Properties – With 3000mcg Biotin – Promotes Hair Growth

HAIR – Many people experience hair loss due to stress, hormone    imbalance or medical treatments. This formula is shown to reduce hair loss and restore hair growth – and is especially effective for women suffering from post-natal hair loss.
SKIN – You’ll notice your skin has a more vibrant, youthful appearance after just a few days of using this supplement. With restored elasticity and youthful glow, get used to people asking “Hey, are you pregnant?”
NAILS – Your fingernails and nail beds are a key indicator of your health. Dry, brittle flaky nails are a warning sign that your body lacks critical minerals and nutrients. This supplement packs a powerful blend that gives your nails a nice healthy shine.

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