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We are pleased to introduce the next generation of personal light therapy we call the Spectra-Lumen.  Through the years of manufacturing light therapy devices, we are constantly striving to make light therapy more affordable and more portable.  The Spectra-lumen is a self contained, portable and rechargeable red light unit that generates two separate and beneficial red light frequencies.  The application is so easy that most users forget they are even using it.  Simply strap the device on your wrist and turn the light side to the unit to inside of your wrist.  Once the Spectra-Lumen is in place, depress the on/off switch located on the side of the unit and the therapy will be delivered for 20 minutes and automatically shut itself off.  How easy is that? While it is designed for use on the wrist, the band can be removed and the unit may also be use for localized relief where you may be experiencing pain or inflammation.  When fully charged using the included USB cord, the unit will run for approximatelt 4 hours before needing to be recharged.

The two included frequencies of red light provided by the high intensity LED’s deliver a variety of benefits.  Red light that is pulsed has been widely researched for its benefits which include:

  1. Increase cellular metabolism
  2. Beneficial for wound healing
  3. Strengthens the mitochondria in your cells
  4. Decreases inflammation and swelling
  5. Increases collagen production
  6. Increases blood flow through vasodilation

Our customers report:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Easier breathing
  3. More energy and endurance
  4. Lowering infection

We sincerely believe that this is a breakthrough device that will be a blessing to many people.  If you are one of the few that don’t feel this is a must have product for your household, simply return it in the first 90 days for a full refund.