SpectraPad - Premium
Red and Infrared Light Therapy
With Quantum Energy Pain Card and Tens unit

Finally we have been able to combine our two best technologies into one ultimately effective and cost affordable solution.  We started using light therapy over 20 years ago and have seen truly remarkable benefits delivered to thousands of our customers.  We discovered that 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light, when used together, were both extremely effective in helping with;

  1. Muscle and joint pain
  2. Enhancing blood flow through vasodilatation
  3. Helping wounds heal faster
  4. Increasing collagen production (diminishing wrinkles)
  5. Decreasing Pain
  6. Weight Loss
  7. Hair Growth
  8. Scar reduction
  9. Anti-Inflammatory

Now, we have been able to combine all these light therapy benefits with our line of Quantum Energy Cards.  Our customers can now enjoy the wonders of light therapy and at the same time apply the benefits of our 14 different QE Cards in one simple application. The desired QE Card is placed in the pocket on the back of the light pad allowing the simultaneous application of both beneficial technologies.  This system also includes a Tens unit at no additional cost.  The reports coming to us are very encouraging.  Also this new blending of technologies is one of our lower priced systems.

As usual we give a 30 day, no questions ask, refund if our technology doesn’t work for you.

PS – Never use our Spectra-Pad for more that 30 minutes in the same part of the body if the setting includes infrared.  The 660nm red light, if selected by itself on the controller, may be used up to 1 hour in the same place on the body.