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In the modern world we live in, we are all coming to know the value of simple solutions to everyday challenges.  Our company has been manufacturing light therapy devices for nearly 30 years and we are encouraged everyday by the stories our customers share with us of the benefits they enjoy from using our equipment.  We have been asked over and over if we could produce a small hand held portable unit that would deliver some of the benefits of our larger units.  After much research and experimentation, we have developed what we believe is the best response to those requests.

As some of you who are familiar with our equipment already know, light is a powerful friend to health.  In our new unit that we call the Spectra-Wand (SW), we have incorporated several light frequencies and delivery options.  We have also included a quartz crystal light pipe for additional applications.  The SW can be used with or without the quartz light pipe.  To remove the light pipe, grip the tapered portion of the light pipe that is covered with the rubber waterproof covering and gently pull the crystal from the light.  Do not pull on the crystal as it is very fragile  It fits snugly but it will pull off.  It will also slide back on when you need to use it.  Be sure the rubber cover slides on completely before using the light pipe.


  1. White Light can be used to moderate the effects of SAD (seasonally effected disorder). The bright white light can be applied to the skull on the bone just behind the lower part of the ear.  Bright light can be beneficial to individuals who are prone to depression due to lack of sunlight.  This usually occurs in winter but can also effects people who work at night.  Most people with these issues seem to benefit from 5-minute applications on either side of the head once a day.  This should be done with the crystal removed.




  1. Red light benefits include:
    1. Reduction of inflammation
    2. Increased collagen production
    3. Pain reduction
    4. Increased oxygen delivery
    5. Promotes healing

Red light with crystal removed – You will see that the red light is a very high intensity LED.  Please do not look directly into the light.  With the crystal removed the red light can applied directly to the skin where a problem may occur.  If you have a sore shoulder, knee, wrist etc., the red light can be used directly to that area.  The red light can also be used for tooth aches.  The light is powerful enough that it can be applied on the cheek over the area where the tooth ache is located.  If you open your mouth and look in a mirror you will see that the red light will light up the entire gum.  In treating most issues, people report pain relief in a few minutes; however, the light can be used 10 to 15 minutes per session with no issues for longer relief.  The red light may be used as often as required to reduce the pain.  Some studies have also found that using red light therapy over an extended period not only reduces pain but promotes healing.

Red light with quartz crystal attached – The light crystal acts a focusing agent to deliver more energy to a smaller area.  For those familiar with Acupressure points you will find this delivery method to be very beneficial.  The crystal, in red mode, can also benefit ear aches, tooth pain, nasal congestion and sore throat.  One of the new recent applications is to use the crystal under the tongue (sub-lingual) to energize the blood.  Most people report that after a few days their energy levels are significantly increased.

  1. Ultraviolet light has been used for decades as a natural anti-microbial anti-viral agent. The UV light kills most pathogens in minutes.  That is the good news.  The rest of the story is, however, that when using UV on the body extreme caution must be used so as not to overexpose the tissue.  UV should not be used more than 1 to 2 minutes at a time on any one location. Also never look directly into the UV light as it could damage the eyes.

UV light with the crystal removed – The UV light will not appear to be as bright as the red light but it is just as powerful.  It can be used to assist the healing process on skin disorders as well as dealing with any surface infections.  An example would be if you have an ingrown toe nail the UV could be used lessen the infection.  Again, be sure to limit the time of exposure in any one area.  Please protect your eyes at all times.

UV light with quartz crystal attached – Remember that the quartz crystal acts as a focusing agent and will deliver more energy to a smaller space.  Be wise and limit your sessions to 1 minute when using the quartz light pipe under the tongue.  The UV crystal sessions can help with sinus infections and ear aches.  The most used application, however, is under the tongue.  In 1 minute sessions, move the crystal under the tongue and the UV light will interact with the blood flowing through the tongue.  Under no circumstances use the UV crystal under the tongue for more than a one 1 minute session in the morning, and a one 1 minute session in the evening.  These sessions should help lower the viral load in the blood stream.


Caution should always be used when using the crystal applicator.  Quartz is brittle and can easily break with very little pressure.



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