Recent studies conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have revealed possibly one of the greatest health breakthroughs of our time.  We will post the links at the end of the article but the short version is this.  The scientist discovered that stimulating the visual cortex of the brain with certain gamma frequencies drastically lowers plaque in the brain and also activates the cells that clean debris away.  They discovered that brain related issues associated with aging can be positively impacted through this 40hz gamma wave input.


When I saw their research I nearly wept.  I realized that equipment and supplements that we already had in our company could be adjusted to produce the right frequency output to match the research conducted by MIT.  So we immediately went to work to put together a system that addresses this new information.  Our BioStimulation system includes the following:

Power Controller

This small and portable powerhouse contains the microprocessor that regulates and generates our frequencies.  We have two programs that produce pulsed electro magnetic frequencies (PEMF) and light based (LLLT) frequencies.


PEMF Pillow Pad.


Our pillow sized Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF) pad fits easily behind the back, under the head or can be held on any part of the body using the attached Velcro straps.  The nice thing about PEMF therapy is that there is no discomfort associated with the application.  Our pad generates a weak magnetic field that is then pulsed at various frequencies.  There are no known negative side effects to PEMF application but there are many well researched benefits.

When a magnetic field is pulsed at certain frequencies, the bodies response is lower inflammation and increased blood flow which lowers pain.  Thousands of research studies have confirmed that the body heals faster when exposed to PEMF therapy.  Magnetic fields pass easily through the body and deliver these benefits in this simple but highly effective therapy.

Light Pad


We have been producing light pads for several years using high intensity LED’s.  This field of therapy is known as Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).  There are 54 of these high intensity LED’s in our pad, and as you will see when you use them, they are very powerful.  You will want to learn all the benefits and uses of traditional light therapy.  The reason we chose red for the application of the Mode 1 – (traditional light therapy) and Mode 2 – (40hz MIT researched frequencies) is that red penetrates deeper into the tissues of the body than other colors.  Red also is a great light for encouraging the bodies natural healing processes.

Cognitive Support Formula


We also are a supplement company that is always researching new and exciting formulations for various applications.  We recently released our cognitive brain support formula that will be a wonderful companion product for the PEMF and light pad therapies.  Our unique formula lowers inflammation and passes through the blood brain barrier.